Tetra Sodium Pyro Phosphate

We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, dealer, wholesaler and stockists of Tetra Sodium pyro phosphate in India. Tetrasodium pyrophosphate, also called sodium pyrophosphate, tetrasodium phosphate or TSPP, is a colourless transparent crystalline chemical compound with the formula Na4P2O7. It is a salt composed of pyrophosphate and sodium ions. Toxicity is approximately twice that of table salt when ingested orally

Applications of Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate:
Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate is used as a buffering agent, emulsifier, thickening agent, food additive, dispersing agent, in detergents, in dental floss and toothpastes.
  • Bleaching agents
  • Corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling agents
  • Dyes
  • Intermediates
  • Plating agents and surface treating agents
  • Processing aids, not otherwise listed
  • Solids separation agents
  • Surface active agents Agricultural Products (non-pesticidal)
  • Automotive Care Products
  • Building/Construction Materials not covered elsewhere
  • Cleaning and Furnishing Care Products
  • Fabric, Textile, and Leather Products not covered elsewhere
  • Ink, Toner, and Colorant Products
  • Laundry and Dishwashing Products
  • Metal Products not covered elsewhere
  • Paper Products
  • Plastic and Rubber Products not covered elsewhere

Specification of Tetra Sodium Pyro Phosphate
Appearance Fine White Crystals or Powder
Purity , % Na4P2O7 97 %  min
P2O5, % 52   %  min
Moisture (at 1100 C ) 0.3 %  max
pH, 1 % solution 10– 10.7
Water Insoluble 0.5 % max
As 3 ppm max
Heavy Metals (as Pb) 10 ppm max
Lead as Pb 5 ppm max
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